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The face behind Achatina.

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About Achatina's Owner.


When I was in secondary school, I suffered from acne. A story that an estimated 85% of the UK population can also relate to. I tried covering it with makeup, spending hundreds of pounds on skincare products and prescription creams, but nothing seemed to work. I began researching into skincare and understanding what my skin needed, inspiring me to enrol into beauty college, and become qualified. I am continuously extending my knowledge, and am still learning more and more each day. My aim is to be able to give my clients courage in their own skin, and a new found sense of confidence, sharing my experiences and knowledge with everyone that comes through Achatina's doors. 

I'm a qualified Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapist, Aesthetic Practitioner and Advanced Skincare Specialist.

I'm also a qualified Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) and student Podiatrist.

About Achatina Beauty.

Achatina Beauty is a home-based beauty salon, specialising in advanced skincare .
Launching in 2022, Achatina Beauty aims to provide specialist treatments tailored to your individual skincare needs. 
We provide inclusive consultations for all treatments, to discuss a treatment plan that's right for you. We'll also analyse and advise you on homecare skin routines, to maximise your skincare journey.

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