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Stoma and catheters do not need to get in the way of your treatment!

We have plenty of pillows and towels to create 'padding' around operation sites and scarring!


Achatina Beauty is a safe space for everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. 
We do not tolerate any negative remarks about/towards members of the LGBTQIA+ community, or our support for them. 


We have a fully electric beauty couch that can be adjusted to suit your mobility. 

We also have an entrance which is suitable for most mobility aids (we are also working on providing wheelchair ramp access)

We do not currently have a wheelchair-friendly toilet.


There is no denying the fear as a bigger person of climbing onto a flimsy looking beauty couch. 

Our beauty couch can easily support up to 180kg (28.3stone), and likely more. With a wide base, the risk of 'tipping' is dramatically reduced and we're here to help if needed.


Speech disorders and anxiety can put people off making phone calls.

This is why all of our contact information is via email or social media.

Please book using our website, and contact us via any of our social media pages.


We are slowly learning salon-specific BSL to help us better communicate.

We currently have live transcribe in salon where lip reading is not possible during treatment.


Mental Health is a big topic in this industry.

With body dysmorphia and 'filler blindness' headlining in the news more and more often, we reserve the right to deny treatment, if we do not feel it is in your best interests. 


We have a range of different lighting options to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

If you want the lights off or dimmed, let us know!


 We know our music choice won't always be for everyone! That's why we give you full control. Turn the music over, up, down or off!

We also have earplugs available on request - or feel free to bring your own headphones and music too!


Not everyone wants to talk through their treatment, and that's fine with us!

We offer the 'silent treatment', only talking when necessary during your treatment. Just add it into your message at time of booking, or let us know when you arrive!

Please contact us if you require any assistance during your treatment, or have any questions!

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